How to Convert WMA Into MP3 Using Nero Start Smart

By Jamie Lisse

Nero Start Smart comes with any Nero software you buy and is basically command central for anything that you want to do with Nero involving video, audio, video, recording and backups. It works by allowing you to select what you want to do so that it can open the appropriate Nero software for the job. Nero Start Smart is also a great tool for converting files that may not be in a workable format. If you have some WMA files that you want as MP3 files you can convert them over with Nero Start Smart.

Step 1

Open Nero Start Smart by double-clicking on the icon on your desktop or by selecting it from the Start menu. This should launch the Nero Start Smart "welcome" screen where you will begin the file conversion process.

Step 2

Click on the "Create and Edit" tab from the Nero Start Smart "welcome" screen. The "Create and Edit" tab is always where you will go to convert audio files. Once you click on the "Create and Edit" tab you will be given a list of tasks that can be done on this tab.

Step 3

Select the "Convert Audio Files" task. This will then open up the Nero Burning ROM "Encode Files" window.

Step 4

Select your WMA files that you want to be converted. You can select them all at once or individually. To convert your WMAs to MP3s you will need to specify an output of MP3 after selecting your WMA files by clicking on the "Settings" button for "Output file format."

Step 5

Start the conversion process. Once you have selected all of the WMA files and specified your output as MP3 you will need to click "Go" to start the conversion process.