How to Convert a USB Scanner to Wireless (5 Steps)

By Jeffrey Abbott

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The technological world is continually converting to wireless technology, and most devices that we buy today have some sort of wireless functionality. Many printers that are sold today come with a built-in wireless network adapter that allows you to print documents wirelessly. Many of these wireless printers also perform other useful functions like scanning or faxing wirelessly. Tired of being held down by your old wired scanner? Follow these steps to turn your old wired scanner into a wireless scanner.

Connect Scanner to Computer with Wireless Adapter Set

Step 1

Before you can use your scanner wirelessly, you need to purchase a wireless USB adapter set. Some retail stores carry these devices, but you'll probably have more luck finding one at an online retailer, like Remember to pick an adapter set that meets your system requirements.

Step 2

Install the drivers on your computer. If a disk came with your wireless adapter set, insert the disc and follow the installation instructions. If there wasn't a disk with your adapter set, look for the drivers on the adapter manufacturer's website. Download the driver setup file and follow installation instructions.

Step 3

Once you've installed the drivers on the computer you intend to use with your scanner, plug in one of the wireless USB adapter dongles.

Step 4

Plug in the other wireless USB dongle to the scanner.

Step 5

Make sure the computer and scanner are both on, and enjoy scanning documents wirelessly!