How to Convert .Tivo to Mpeg

By Jackson Lewis

TiVo is a popular home setup box for recording television programs and movies for later playback. It has the capability to transfer the recordings to your personal computer by using the TiVo Desktop Software application. An issue with the files is that they are not always compatible with other multi-media programs you may want to use to view TiVo files. As a result, it is required to convert the TiVo files to MPEG format for viewing on most computers.

Step 1

Download and install the TiVo Desktop Software from the uniform resource locator (URL) (see Resources). The TiVo Desktop Software is used to get the video from your TiVo player to your computer.

Step 2

Open TiVo Desktop, left click the recording to transfer to your computer and select the "Pick Recording to Transfer" menu button. The TiVo Desktop will indicate when the transfer is complete.

Step 3

Download and install the Direct Show Dump Utility. Direct Show is used to convert TiVo files to MPEG Format.

Open the Direct Show Dump program and select the TiVo files to convert to MPEG by selecting the "Add Files" menu option, left clicking the TiVo files and clicking the "OK" button. Direct Show Dump will indicate when the file transfer to MPEG format is complete.