How to Convert a THM to a JPG

by Lindsey Mason
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Thumbnails are files that have the ".THM" file extension. These files are saved alongside other file types, such as videos from digital cameras. It is important for these files to stay together or the additional file type might not open correctly in certain programs. Thumbnails contain metadata and very small graphics, which can be difficult to view. Converting the .THM file format to the .JPG file format lets you view the thumbnail in a standard picture viewer.

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer (other programs will open .THM files, but using Internet Explorer is the simplest process for conversion).

Step 2

Click "File," which is located in the menu bar. Select "Open" from this menu. A pop-up box will appear.

Step 3

Click "Browse." Select the appropriate folder where the file is located.

Step 4

Double-click the file name and click "OK." The .THM file will open.

Step 5

Move the cursor over the image and right-click the mouse. This will bring up a menu.

Step 6

Select "Save picture as." A pop-up box will open.

Step 7

Locate the drop-down box labeled "Save as type." Choose the option ".JPEG(*.jpg)."

Step 8

Enter a new name in the drop-down box labeled "File name" if you would like the file to have a different name in addition to a different file extension.

Click "Save."


  • Using the "Save picture as" option saves a new file and preserves the original .THM file. This is important because the .THM file might be needed by certain programs to open the video or other file type with which the .THM file is originally associated.


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