How to Convert a Telephone Cable Plug to DSL (4 Steps)

By Alexis Rohlin

DSL sends data through the phone line.
i phone cable and jack image by timur1970 from

You can convert your home telephone cable plug or phone-line jack to a DSL line with a DSL filter. A DSL filter plugs into a wall phone jack. The DSL filter removes static and white noise or hiss that can slow down your DSL modem or prevent it from connecting to the Internet. The noise and static is caused by electronic devices that are plugged into your phone lines. These devices include phones, fax machines, answering machines, Satellite TV dialers, dial-up modems, meter readers, Caller ID and internal security or fire alarm systems.

Step 1

Insert the plug of the DSL filter into the phone line wall jack and push it in until it snaps into place. If you have more than one phone wall jack, plug a DSL filter into each wall jack. If you do not do so, you will get interference in the signal that can cause your Internet to slow down or disconnect.

Step 2

Plug the telephone wire into the port on the DSL filter marked "Telephone." If you have a DSL filter/splitter, plug the DSL line into the port marked DSL and the phone into the port marked Phone. DSL filter/splitters are used when new DSL lines are installed in your home and you want to split the telephone line, or connect a single DSL filter to all of the phone wall jacks in your home.

Step 3

Plug peripheral devices, such as Satellite TV receivers, fax machines, or other electronic equipment that uses your phone line into the port on the DSL filter marked AUX or other.

Step 4

Plug your DSL modem into the DSL port on your DSL filter/splitter.