How to Convert Swann H 264 to AVI

By Jamie Lisse

Swann H 264 files are video files that are compressed versions of MPEG4 video files. If you have some of these files on your computer, you may have noticed some compatibility issues with other program. That can easily be fixed by converting the files into another more common video format, such as AVI. The AVI format is a commonly used video file format that is known for retaining high quality. With a video converter program, you can easily convert your files into the AVI file format.

Pick a video converter program to do your conversion. Programs that support this type of conversion include OJOsoft Total Video Converter, Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer (SUPER) and the AVS Video Converter.

Download and install your preferred video converter program, such as OJOsoft Total Video Converter, which as of January 2010 cost $26.95. Open the program once installed.

Select your H 264 files that need converted by clicking "Browse" in the "Input" area of the OJOsoft Total Video Converter main screen.

Set AVI as your output file type by clicking "To AVI" on the OJOsoft Total Video Converter toolbar. This will update the "Profile" area of the screen to also read AVI.

Use the "Output File" section of the screen to pick your output location for the new AVI files. Just click "Browse" to select a location on your computer for the new files.

Click "Convert" and wait for the files to convert. A progress bar will fill and a message will appear on the screen when the conversion is done. Close out the message and you can begin using the new AVI files.