How to Convert Songs to WAV Files

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The best part of having all of your music in digital form is the different ways you can listen. When you convert your CDs into digital files, you can put them on MP3 players or iPods and take them wherever you go. You can even manipulate them in editing programs for the best sound.

Copy the songs in question to your computer, if they’re not already there in digital form. If you have a program like Windows Media Player, your computer may ask you right off if this is what you want to do. If it does not ask you, drag and drop songs from CDs onto an open folder.

Determine which songs you want to convert to WAV format. The WAV format is a little larger than other file types, but it also preserves more of the original sound. It also reduces the risk of ending up with songs that sound processed.

Obtain a program that converts files from one format to another. You may have to buy one, or you can find some for free. Decide between the many programs including ImTOO Audio maker and Acoustica. C/NET download will have many of these products listed under the Audio category.

Decide the conversion rate you want to use with your music. The better the conversion rate, the better the sound will be. However, your human ears may not be able to distinguish the difference in quality when you get into the rich conversion rates. Choose the conversion rate from a drop down menu on the software.

Open the drop down menus on the software to choose the WAV format and to choose the format in which your music currently exists. Your music files may be in WMA or MP3 format.

Double-check the files after the conversion to make sure they sound good to you. If they’re not as rich and full as you expected, try doing the conversion again at a higher rate. Even though the files will be a little bigger, they may be closer to the sound you want.

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