How to Convert Songs to iTunes

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ITunes, Apple's music digital media player, allows you to play songs in a range of formats, and its Windows version automatically converts your unprotected tracks in the Windows Media Audio tracks to your preferred file format when you drag those files into your iTunes library. But you can also change that preferred file format so that all WMA tracks convert to this new format or convert songs already loaded in the player into that format.


Open iTunes on your computer, and then click the Edit menu in the top toolbar if you are using a Windows operating system or the iTunes menu if you are on a Mac. Select the "Preferences" option.


Select the General tab. On this tab, click the "Import Settings..." button in the lower half of the window to open the options for importing songs.


Choose the format you want to convert your songs to so that you can play them in iTunes. The options include AAC, MP3 and WAV. Click the "OK" button when you have selected your preferred encoding format.


Click on the song you want to convert, or click on a song and drag your mouse up or down while holding down the mouse button to select several songs for conversion.


Select the Advanced menu in the iTunes toolbar. You will see options for creating different versions of the song, depending on the format you chose in the Import Setting window. For example, if you chose MP3, then you will see the option "Create MP3 version." Click this option to convert the song to your preferred format.


  • close Protected songs, such as protected WMA files or AAC files, cannot be converted from their original format.

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