How to Convert Smil to MP3

By Lucinda Harper

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Converting a Smil (.smi) file to .mp3 is easy, but it requires a small monetary investment to upgrade standard media-playing software, such as RealPlayer or Quicktime, to the premium, full-capacity version of those software brands.

Step 1

Open Quicktime or RealPlayer and find the option in the menu that allows you to purchase the upgrade of said program. For example, in Quicktime, the option to select is, "Buy Quicktime Pro." It costs around $20 for either program's upgrade. Doing this will enable many features in your program that are not enabled with the basic, free versions.

Step 2

Go to "File," and select "Open File." This will allow you to browse for the .smi file you wish to open. Select the file, and click "Option."

Step 3

Convert the file. What you will be doing essentially is altering the characteristics of the file. In Quicktime, you would select "File," and then select "Export." You will then be asked where you would like the file to export to, and given the option of what kind of file type you would like it to export it as. From the drop down menu, select " .mp3." Your file will convert itself through the export process, and you will then be able to open the .mp3 in your .mp3 player of choice.