How to Convert an HDTV Signal to an Analog TV Signal

By Joanne Cichetti

Watch all your favorite TV programs by converting digital signals to Analog TV signals.
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Analog TVs are not entirely obsolete yet; many families still watch their favorite TV programs on these television sets. The problem is that almost every station has gone digital, and you will need to convert HDTV signals to work with analog TVs. You can use a digital-to-analog converter for this purpose. An analog TV connected with a converter box will receive the digital signals and will display digital broadcast. This converter box will let you receive the signals, like your cable box, but it may not necessarily display full digital quality.

Unplug your analog TV from the wall.

Remove the wire from the existing antenna that is currently connected to the TV. Plug this wire into the port "Antenna In" in the converter box.

Connect one end of the new cable into the port "Out to TV" on the converter box. Connect the other end into the port "Antenna In" on the TV.

Power on the TV and converter box. Tune your television to channel 3 or 4. Use the remote that came with the converter box to follow the on-screen guide for set up. Press the "Menu" button on your remote and use the up and down keys to select the feature "Channel Scan." By enabling this feature, the TV will automatically start looking for available HDTV channels in your area.

Periodically rescan all available channels in your area. In this way, you will capture signals from any new TV channel.