How to Convert a Scanned Word Document Into Editable Text

By Tricia Goss

The Microsoft Office Document Imaging tool found in prior versions of Office is not included with Office 2010, but you can still access the text from a scanned file and use it to create a new Word document, which you can edit as needed. The key is to use OneNote, which is the notetaking application included in all versions of Office 2010.

Step 1

Start OneNote by clicking "Start," typing "onenote" into the search box and selecting Microsoft OneNote from the Programs list. Click the "Insert" tab and choose "Picture."

Step 2

Browse to find the scanned document file on your computer. Click the file to select it and click the "Open" button. The scan opens on your current OneNote page.

Step 3

Right-click the image in OneNote and select "Copy Text from Picture."

Step 4

Start Word and open a new, blank document. Click the "Paste" drop-down arrow in the Clipboard group of the Home tab and choose the paste option you want to use, or right-click the page and click on the format you wish to use under Paste Options.

Edit the text as desired and save the document before closing Word.