How to Convert Scanned Image to Word Document

By Foye Robinson

Convert Scanned Image to Word Document
i Hemera Technologies/ Images

Microsoft Word allows you to use images from your files, clip art collection, scanner and other applications. You can convert new or existing scans to a Word document with Microsoft Office Document Imaging, an application that ships with Microsoft Office XP through Office 2007. It recognizes any text within the scanned image and allows you to send your scanned file to Word. If the scanned image includes text, you can choose to convert it to editable text. The TIFF or Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MDI) format is converted into a Word document.

Select the "Start" button in Windows. Click "Programs," "Microsoft Office," "Microsoft Office Tools" and "Microsoft Office Document Imaging."

Select "File" and "Open" from the Microsoft Office Document Imaging menu. Navigate to the scanned image in the "Open" dialog box and double-click it. It loads into the program.

Select "Tools" and "Send Text To Word" from the menu. The "Send Text To Word" dialog box appears.

Choose "All pages" and check "Maintain pictures in output" under "Layout options."

Accept or change the default folder where the file is saved to. To change the default, click "Browse." Select the folder where you want files saved in the "Browse For Folder" dialog box and click "OK." Click "OK" to close the "Send Text To Word" dialog box.

Click "OK" to allow Microsoft Office Document Imaging to recognize any text in the scanned image. You are directed to Microsoft Word.

Click the Office Button in Word and select "Save As." Choose "Word Document" for the "Save as type" option at the bottom of the dialog box. Enter a file name and click "Save."