How to Convert Scanned Documents to PDF

by Amy Dombrower
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Practically any document can be converted to Portable Document Format (PDF) using the Adobe Acrobat software. You can create a PDF from scratch (a blank page), import an existing document, such as a webpage, Word document or other type of file, or you can scan a paper document to PDF format. To convert a scanned document, your best option is to scan the file directly through Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1

Connect your scanner to your computer. Place a paper document properly on the scanning bed.

Step 2

Open Adobe Acrobat.

Step 3

Click the "File" menu. Select "Create PDF, From Scanner, Custom Scan." The "Scan" dialog box will appear.

Step 4

Select your installed scanner. Choose other scanning options, such as color and resolution, double-sided scanning (if your scanner allows it), paper size and whether to prompt you to scan more pages.

Step 5

Click "Scan." The paper document will be scanned directly into a PDF document in Acrobat.

Step 6

Select "Scan More Pages" if you are prompted and have multiple documents. Click "Scan Is Complete" when you are done.

Save the PDF file.


  • In the scanning options, you can choose to create multiple PDF files from multiple scanned documents. If you click "More Options," you can decide whether you want to create a PDF portfolio from multiple documents and how many pages you want for each file.


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