How to Convert an SAP to a PDF

By Allison Melman

Converting an SAP spool file to a PDF form is technically meticulous. The average person would have trouble understanding the computer language spoken to provide commands for the task. Luckily, the RSTXPDFT4 guides us through the process easily. SAP files are digital media mainly associated with "Album Plus." This is a versatile program for photo and film media management. It is easier for other programs like Adobe Photoshop to read files in PDF format.

Step 1

Make a spool request for the file/files you want to convert into a PDF file. List all the SAP files by using the filters in transaction code in the "SPO1" window. Note the spool numbered files you want to convert.

Step 2

Run the "ABAP Editor: Initial Screen" window and type "RSTXPDFT4" in the space beside the word "Program." Click on "Source Code" and select "Display."

Step 3

The second screen window should have "Converting SAP script (OTF) or ABAB List Spool Job to PDF" highlighted on it. Type the spool request number from the "SPO1" screen into the "Spool Request" box. Specify a storage folder in the "PDF file name" textbox. Check the box beside "Download PDF File." When asked if you want the PDF conversion process to show in the background, select "No." Select the "No" tab if the computer asks whether you want other tasks completed. Selecting "No" will activate the conversion process faster and automatically save it to the specified folder in a PDF format.