How to Convert Rx2 to WAV

By Greyson Ferguson

There are dozens of software labels that use audio in some shape or form. Some are video editing programs, while others create musical riffs themselves. However, with the multitude of software comes a multitude of file formats. Many program brands carry their own specific file formats, which makes it extremely difficult to take an audio file from one program and import it into another. Two of these file types are the Rx2, which is primarily used with some audio recording software, and the widely used WAV, created by Microsoft and supported by most programs. This is how to convert Rx2 to WAV.

Step 1

Download Super Audio Converter. Click on the link provided in the References section below. This will take you to a free download of a file converter called "Super Audio Converter."

Step 2

Scroll down and click ".EXE file (4.6 MB)."

Step 3

Double-click the newly downloaded file. This will appear either in a "Downloads" pop-up window or as an icon on the desktop.

Step 4

Click "OK" and then "RUN" when asked if you would like to run the program.

Step 5

Click "YES" when asked if you would like to install Super Audio Converter.

Step 6

Click "Next" when the Setup Wizard loads.

Step 7

Click "Next" to approve the Destination Directory. You can change the location by highlighting the location, clicking "Backspace" and then typing in your desired location.

Step 8

Click "Next" when shown the "Menu Folder."

Step 9

Click "Next" once again and then click "Install" to begin the installation.

Step 10

Click "Yes" when shown the Windows Media Format License Agreement.

Step 11

Click "OK" when a pop-up window appears saying the installation has completed.

Step 12

Click "Finish."

Step 13

Open "Super Audio Converter."

Step 14

Drag the audio track into the window, click "From WAV" on the top of the screen and click "Start Convert." The conversion will begin.