How to Convert RF to VGA

By James Clark

Convert your VGA cable connection into a component hookup.
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RF (or Radio Frequency) is a method of transferring audio and video from a programming source, like a a broadcasting station, to a television or other electronic device, typically with a coaxial cable. A VGA (Video Graphics Array) connection is used to transfer video signals from one device to another, such as from a computer to a monitor. VGA plugs have a distinctive shape and nine brass pins. Converting RF signals to VGA requires an RF modulator and a VGA-to-S-video adapter, both available at electronics and computer stores.

Step 1

Connect the coaxial cable carrying the RF signal to the input jack on the RF modulator. The coupler on the end of the cable turns clockwise to secure it to the jack.

Step 2

Connect the DC power cord to the modulator and to a wall outlet.

Step 3

Insert the S-video plug on one end of the S-video-to-VGA adapter into the RF modulator's "OUT" jack.

Step 4

Attach the VGA plug on the other end of the S-video-to-VGA adapter to a compatible video device, such as a computer monitor, then secure the plug to the jack by turning the locking screws clockwise on each side of the plug.

Step 5

Turn on the VGA device and the RF modulator to view video from the RF signal.