How to Convert RCA to Firewire

By Art Corvelay

Firewire is a method for transferring data from digital sources. It is extremely popular because it is the fastest method of transferring digital data. Therefore, people who edit video use firewire because of its ability to handle huge video files. An RCA jack is often used for viewing audio and video, but is not compatible with firewire ports. You can, however, use a converter box to convert RCA to firewire and load video content onto your computer.

Step 1

Purchase an RCA to firewire converter box. You can find these on or any other online electronics store.

Step 2

Plug your RCA cables from your video source to the converter box. The converter box will have a series of jacks. Be sure to plug your RCA cables into the input jacks and not the output jacks.

Step 3

Plug your firewire cable from the output jack into your destination source. Your destination source will most likely be your computer.

Step 4

Turn your computer on if it was not turned on previously.

Step 5

Open your video editing or importing software. You should be able to transfer video files from your RCA source to your computer through the firewire converter box now.