How to Convert Raw to JPEG in Photoshop

by Heather Laurent

RAW images have many advantages in digital photography, including a high image quality and lack of undesired camera processing, such as sharpening or noise reduction. However, RAW images are much larger files than JPEGs, making post-production work much more time consuming. Additionally, the files are often too large to send as email attachments or other types of electronic sharing methods. Photoshop offers a quick-and-easy method to convert your RAW images to JPEGs as a single batch. With just a few inputs, you can relax while Photoshop does most of the work for you.


Open Photoshop's image processor. Under "File," select "Scripts," and then "Image Processor."


Select the images you would like to process. Click on "Select Folder..." and highlight the folder containing your images. Confirm the selection by clicking "OK."


Select a location for your converted images. Choose "Save in Same Location" to send converted files to the same folder as your original images. Choose "Select Folder..." to choose a new folder for your converted image files.


Select the file type. Choose "Save as JPEG."


Select "Run" to convert your images from RAW to JPEG. You will see a blank image with a checkerboard background containing your file number flash on the screen each time a photo is being converted.


Check your file folder to ensure that every file has been converted successfully. You will not receive a confirmation once the process is complete.

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