How to Convert Raw to JPEG in Photoshop (6 Steps)

By Heather Laurent

Convert your photos to JPEG to save space on your hard drive.
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RAW images have many advantages in digital photography, including a high image quality and lack of undesired camera processing, such as sharpening or noise reduction. However, RAW images are much larger files than JPEGs, making post-production work much more time consuming. Additionally, the files are often too large to send as email attachments or other types of electronic sharing methods. Photoshop offers a quick-and-easy method to convert your RAW images to JPEGs as a single batch. With just a few inputs, you can relax while Photoshop does most of the work for you.

Step 1

Open Photoshop's image processor. Under "File," select "Scripts," and then "Image Processor."

Step 2

Select the images you would like to process. Click on "Select Folder..." and highlight the folder containing your images. Confirm the selection by clicking "OK."

Step 3

Select a location for your converted images. Choose "Save in Same Location" to send converted files to the same folder as your original images. Choose "Select Folder..." to choose a new folder for your converted image files.

Step 4

Select the file type. Choose "Save as JPEG."

Step 5

Select "Run" to convert your images from RAW to JPEG. You will see a blank image with a checkerboard background containing your file number flash on the screen each time a photo is being converted.

Step 6

Check your file folder to ensure that every file has been converted successfully. You will not receive a confirmation once the process is complete.