How to Convert RA to MP3 Format

By Kefa Olang

Real Audio (RA) files are media files that playback on the Real Media Player. They are compressed audio files that rely on different codecs to output audio. While it is a format similar to MP3, it is not as widely used and some media players do not support it. To upload RA files to unsupported devices, you have to convert them to the more popular MP3 format. Convert RA files to MP3 using a free and easy-to-use audio converter program.

Step 1

Download and install a free audio converter program such Switch Audio Converter (see link in Resources). There is both a Windows and Mac version.

Step 2

Launch the program once the installation is complete. Click the "Add Files" button. Locate the Real Audio (RA) file from your computer and click "Open" to load it to the program.

Step 3

Highlight the input file and click "Play" to preview it before proceeding with the conversion process.

Step 4

Select "MP3" in the output format window and click "Encoder Options." Select a minimum of "128 bit-rate." Select "192 bit-rate" if you want a higher quality output, but keep in mind that the file will increase in size. Select "Stereo" for a left and right channel playback and click "OK" to save the changes.

Step 5

Click "Browse" and select the output folder to save the file to when the conversion is complete. Click "Convert" to begin the conversion.

Click "Open Output Folder" when the conversion is complete. Locate the MP3 file on the output folder and double click it to begin playback.