How to Convert QXP Files to INDD

By Shelley West

Graphic designers sometimes need to convert QXP files to INDD.
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Graphic designers have various professional page layout programs at their disposal, which they use to design brochures, advertisements, fliers and other print materials. Sometimes it is necessary to convert a document prepared in Quark XPress (a QXP file) to Adobe InDesign (an INDD file), such as when the designer no longer uses Quark but needs to access a file created in the QXP format and modify it in InDesign. Adobe recognized the importance of being able to import QXP files into InDesign, so the company has integrated a QXP import feature into InDesign, which will convert QXP files (versions 3.3-4.1x) into INDD files.

Create a folder that contains the QXP file and all images that were used in the document so that InDesign can find the files easily during the import. If you have access to Quark, open the file you wish to convert to INDD and make sure that all the graphics and fonts are included and linked properly. If the QXP file that you wish to convert is open in Quark XPress, close it.

Launch Adobe InDesign. Go to InDesign's "File" menu, located at the top of the page, and select "Open." A screen will open that allows you to select the file you wish to convert from QXP to INDD. On this screen's "Files of Type" drop-down menu, select "Quark XPress (3.3-4.1x)." Choose the file you wish to convert and then select "Open."

Make any adjustments needed as a result of the conversion. Sometimes text rolls differently or the layout is modified due to differences between QXP and INDD files.

Go to InDesign's "File" menu and select "Save As" to save the file as an INDD file. During the conversion, InDesign imported the QXP file into an untitled INDD document, so you will need to name the converted file. Navigate to the folder where you intend to store the file and select "Save."