How to Convert Quicktime to WMV

by Meaghan Ellis

Quicktime and Windows Media Video (WMV), commonly known as codecs, are both compressed video file extension formats designed solely for viewing videos by computer. The only difference between the two codecs is origin. Quicktime was developed by Mac, whereas Microsoft is the accredited developer for WMV. Although the slight difference is evident, these two file formats can still be converted and translated for compatibility purposes.

How to Convert Quicktime to WMV


Open your Internet Explorer's browser to access the online video conversion software. Click on your Internet Explorer icon on your computer's desktop panel. When your Internet Explorer's browser opens, clear the search bar data form at the top of your browser and access When the URL address redirects your browser, there should be three data forms on your screen.


Place the video in the "Add" box to set it as the "Input" file. Choose whether your video file is an actual upload from your computer's hard drive or a video stored online by clicking "URL" or "File." If your video is an online URL, click on the URL link and enter the website's address into the clear data form. If your video is a file on your computer's hard drive, simply click on the "File" link, and the "Browse" button.


Locate your video's file location on your hard drive and click on it. (Your Quicktime file will have a MOV file extension.) Press the "Open" button in the file location dialog window to place the file in the online conversion input data form. The file should appear directly below the "Add" box where you placed the video file.


Locate and select your output format, by scrolling through the center dropbox menu. Your output format will be the WMV format because this is the file extension format you are converting the video to.


Enter your email address in the third data form to receive notification when your video file conversion is complete. Now, click "Convert" to begin the conversion process. Check your email for an email notification. The time it takes to receive this notification depends on how large your video file is. The size of the file depends on the length of the video.


Check your email for your final notification. Click on the link provided in your email. The link will redirect you to your completed file. Review the file for accuracy purposes. You will also be given options that will prompt you to choose action for future access to the file. Click on the "Save" link to store the file on your computer's hard drive for personal ease of access.


  • check Be sure you have a stable Internet connection. Loss of connection could result in an incomplete conversion process.
  • check Remember that the MOV file extension is the codec for Quicktime video files. If you are not converting a video file with this codec, it is not a Quicktime file.


  • close Be sure to enter an active email address because your video file conversion could take anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size of your video file. Email is the only way you can receive notification once the file conversion is complete.

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