How to Convert Quicken Files

by Greyson Ferguson
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Quicken is a financial software program designed to help track your personal and business expenses. Quicken also has a specific file format, which is not easily accepted by other documents and computers without Quicken installed. If you want to view the contents in a different program or computer, you need to convert the current file. You can do so within the Quicken program, saving you from purchasing costly conversion software.

Step 1

Open the Quicken software.

Step 2

Click "File," "Open," then choose the Quicken file you want to convert to a different format.

Step 3

Select "File," "Save As." A window loads onto the screen with all of the save options.

Title the file, then choose a location to save the file to. Click the format pull-down option and all the available options loads onto the screen. Choose the format you want to convert it to, such as "PDF," and click "OK" to save the converted file.

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