How to Convert QPW to XLS

By Jason Artman

The QPW file extension is used by Quatto Pro, a spreadsheet application which is a part of Corel WordPerfect Office. If you have been sent a QPW file by someone running WordPerfect Office rather than Microsoft Office, you may not have a way to open this file on your computer, as it is not directly compatible with Microsoft Excel. However, WordPerfect Office has a trial period that allows it to be downloaded and evaluated for free. Install the free WordPerfect Office trial to convert a QPW file to the XLS format for viewing in Microsoft Excel.

Download the Corel WordPerfect office suite (see Resources). Make sure to click the "Try it for free" button. Enter an email address and password to be redirected to the download link. The download will start automatically; the file is approximately 360MB. Double-click the downloaded file to install it.

Launch Quattro Pro after the WordPerfect Office trial is installed.

Double-click on the QPW file to open it in Quattro Pro. Alternatively, open the file by clicking "File" in Quatto Pro, then "Open." Browse to the QPW file and double-click it. Examine the data shown on the screen to confirm that the file opened properly.

Click "File," then click "Save As." Browse to the location where the converted XLS file should be saved. Use the "File Type" drop-down menu to select "Microsoft Excel 97/2000/2002/2003." Type the desired file name, then click "Save" to perform the conversion.

Double-click the XLS file to open it in Microsoft Excel. Evaluate WordPerfect Office to decide whether you would like to purchase it, or uninstall it from your computer.