How to Convert a QCP File Into a WAV File

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A QCP file is a QUALCOMM or PureVoice audio format. This format is ideal for the storage and reproducing the human speech. Files in the QCP format are much smaller than corresponding WAV files. Many cellular phone manufacturers use the QCP format for ring tones. However, conventional media players like Windows Media Player can not handle this audio format. QCP files can be converted into WAV ones by using the Media-Convert web-based service. Media-Convert is the free service and does not require any registration or software installation. The Media-Convert website received 2006 Webuser Gold Award.

Open your Internet web browser and navigate to the Media-Convert website (see Resources) .

Click "Local File Conversion" tab.

Click on "Browse" to find a .qcp file on your computer. Click "Open" and the filename appears in the "File" field. On the right, the Input Format field will change to "Pure Voice File (.qcp)." If the file does not have the right extension or auto detection fails browse through available format types and select QCP one.

Browse Output Format types and select "WAVE form audio format(.wav)." You can change an output file name by filling the Rename file to field under "Advanced Settings."

Click "OK" and the file upload progression bar appears. After uploading and conversion the message "File successfully converted!" appears.

Download the .wav file by clicking on its name or use the link just below the file name. This link can be also emailed.


  • close There are advertisements displayed on the Media-Convert website but they do not interfere with the file conversion.


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