How to Convert PSF to JPG

By Alexis Lawrence

PSF is a bitmap file type used by ArcSoft's PhotoStudio to store digitally altered photographs. ArcSoft PhotoStudio is the photo software most commonly packaged with Canon's line of digital cameras. If you have ArcSoft PhotoStudio software on your computer, when you open a photo file in the program, you will have the option of saving the file as a JPG. If you do not have ArcSoft, you will need to use a photo converter software to make the conversion from PSF to JPG.

Download XnView. XnView is a free photo converter that has the ability to convert almost any kind of photo file into JPG, including PSF files. Follow the installation screens to install XnView to your computer.

Open the PSF file in XnView. Click "Open" under the "File" menu, locate the PSF file on your computer and click "Open." The photo will open in the main XnView window.

Go to "Save as...". "Save as..." is an option under the "File" menu. When you click on it, it will open the "Save picture" dialogue box.

Select "JPG" as your output file type. XnView defaults to the JPG option, but to make sure JPG is selected, look in the "Save as type" box. It will be listed as "JPG -- JPEG / JFIF." If this is not the type selected, use the pull-down menu and select it from the list.

Click "Save." The "Save picture" dialogue box will disappear and a JPG copy of the photo will be available in the output folder you selected.