How to Convert PSD to PDN

by Will Wright

Paint.NET is free image-editing software that runs on Windows operating systems. The program's output is rendered in the PDN format. A drawback of Paint.NET is that it does not support Photoshop PSD files, which are commonly used by graphic designers. However, there is a free plugin for Paint.NET that you can use to import PSD files into the program, where you can convert them to PDN.

Download the Paint.NET PSD plugin from the website shown in "References." Unzip the plugin file. Right-click the "Photoshop.dll" file and select "Copy."

Close Paint.NET. Navigate to the program's "File Types" folder in Windows Explorer and open the folder.

Right-click anywhere in the folder and select "Paste."

Launch Paint.NET, which will now recognize the PSD file. Open the file and save it in the PDN format.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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