How to Convert PSD to PDF on a Mac

by K.C. Winslow

PSD is default file format for files created in Adobe Photoshop. According to, a PSD "may include image layers, adjustment layers, layer masks, annotation notes, file information, keywords, and other Photoshop-specific elements." While you need a graphic design program like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter or GIMP to edit PSD files, you can open them in the Preview application included in Mac OS X. Preview gives you the option of saving files in a variety of formats, including the PDF format.


Control-click the PSD file in the Finder. From the contextual menu, select "Open With" and choose "Preview."


Open the "File" menu and select "Save As."


Click the "Format" menu and select "PDF." Press the "Save" button to save the PSD as a PDF.

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Brought to you by Techwalla
Brought to you by Techwalla

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