How to Convert PSD to HTML With Gimp

by Matthew Burley

GIMP is a free, full-featured image editing program that can perform many of the same functions as Adobe Photoshop. For example, it is capable of editing the .PSD files that Photoshop produces. If you have a .PSD file that you need to edit in GIMP and make compatible with a Web browser, there are a number of different file types that you can select for the task. You can even convert the .PSD file to an .HTML file.

Step 1

Launch GIMP.

Step 2

Click "File" at the top of the window, then click "Open."

Step 3

Click the "All Images" drop-down menu at the lower-right corner of the window, then click "Photoshop Image (.psd)."

Step 4

Browse to the .PSD file you wish to convert, click it once to select it, and then click "Open."

Step 5

Click "File" at the top of the window, then click "Save As."

Step 6

Click "Select File Type (By Extension)."

Step 7

Click the "HTML, htm" option, then click "Save."

Click "Save" again.


  • The output .HTML file that is produced after the conversion will be relatively large in size, depending upon the size of the original .PSD file. To reduce the file size, consider using the "Scale Image" utility found under the "Image" menu at the top of the window.


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