How to Convert .Ppp to Adobe File

by Amy Dombrower
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Ppp is a file extension for a desktop publishing application called PagePlus, made by Serif. You can use PagePlus to create layouts, design graphics and logo, edit photos and print high-quality publications. The program is very compatible, making it simple to convert your publications to PDF (Portable Document Format). Once a file is converted, you can open it in Adobe Acrobat or Reader, where pretty much anybody can view your layout.

Step 1

Open your document in PagePlus. Prepare your document to be printed, and do any editing you need to. Once you convert it to an Adobe file, it's much more difficult to make revisions.

Step 2

Click the "Publish PDF" button on the "Standard" toolbar. The button is a small icon of the red Adobe Reader symbol.

Step 3

In the dialog box, check the export settings. Click "OK" to complete the export.

Save the PDF on your computer. Open it in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.


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