How to Convert a PowerPoint File Into a Quicktime Movie (5 Steps)

By Art Corvelay

Powerpoint is a presentation software application created by Microsoft. It allows users to create presentations and customize the way that the presentations are displayed. Some of the customizations include animations and slide timing. One limitation of Powerpoint files, however, is that computers must be equipped with Powerpoint in order to display a presentation. Presentations, including animations and slide timers, can be converted into a Quicktime movie so that they can be played on computers that are not equipped with Powerpoint.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Powerpoint and load the presentation that you would like to convert into a Quicktime movie. If you have not created the presentation, you will have to create a presentation before converting the file.

Step 2

Customize your presentation with transition animation. You can customize your presentation by clicking "Slideshow > Slide Transition". To change the transition animation, select a transition type from the transition drop-down menu.

Step 3

Customize your presentation by setting up slide transition timings. To do this, click "Slideshow > Slide Transition". From that menu, click the checkbox that says "Change slide automatically after" and enter the number of seconds you would like to wait between slides.

Step 4

Save your Powerpoint presentation. Before converting to a Quicktime movie, you will need to save your original Powerpoint file.

Step 5

Convert the Powerpoint file to a Quicktime movie. To do this, click "File > Make Movie > Save". Your PPT file will save as a MOV file, which is the file format for Quicktime movies.