How to Convert Real Player Files to Windows Media

By Art Corvelay

Convert Real Player files to a Windows video player.
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RealPlayer is a media player that is used primarily to stream music and video files over the Internet. RealPlayer files, however, can be saved and will contain several file extensions, including .rm, .ra, .rv. One setback of RealPlayer files is that they can only be played on the RealPlayer application. On the other hand, Windows Media files can be played on a variety of media players. RealPlayer files can be converted into Windows Media files using a web-based application.

Convert Real Player Files to a Windows Video Player

Point your web browser to This website can handle the conversion of all types of Real media files without making you download any software to complete the conversion.

Import the RealPlayer file you would like to convert. To do this, click "Browse" and select the RealPlayer file from your desktop.

Select an output file format from the drop-down menu. If you imported a real video file, choose WMV. If you imported a real audio file, choose WMA.

Click "OK" to complete the conversion. This button is located to the right of the output format drop-down menu.

Click the link that appears after the conversion has completed. This will download the converted Windows Media file to your computer.