How to Convert a Picture Slideshow Back to JPEGs

By Stephen Lilley

If you have converted a series of picture files on your computer to a format that makes them available to a slideshow utility and would like to convert them back to the JPEG file format, you can do so using a native Windows application. This application, called MS Paint, can convert picture files from one format to the other. Once you open up your picture files in MS Paint, the conversion back to the JPEG format is only a few mouse clicks away.

Right-click on the slideshow image file you want to convert back to a JPEG.

Click "Open With" and select the MS Paint program icon. MS Paint will open on screen and then open the slideshow image file.

Click "File."

Click "Save As." Select "JPEG" from the "File Type" menu and click "Save" to convert your slideshow image file back into the JPEG file format. Repeat these steps for any other slideshow image files you want to convert back to the JPEG file format.