How to Convert a Picture Into a PowerPoint Template

By Stephen Lilley

i Siri Stafford/Digital Vision/Getty Images

PowerPoint is a part of Microsoft's Office line of productivity computer programs. PowerPoint allows you to create slide shows on your computer, which can be a great way to give a business presentation or even a school report. PowerPoint comes with a number of default images called "clip art" built in for your use. However, you can also convert an image on your computer's hard drive into the template of your PowerPoint presentation.

Step 1

Open PowerPoint.

Step 2

Click "File," and then "Open." Open the PowerPoint template you wish to add a picture to.

Step 3

Click "Insert."

Step 4

Click "Picture."

Step 5

Click "From File." Use the window that appears on screen to select the image file from your computer's hard drive. It will then be inserted into your PowerPoint template. You can click on it to drag it and place it anywhere in the template you'd like it to be.