How to Convert a PHP File to a JPEG File

by Dave Wilson

Open and save a PHP file to JPEG file format using an image file printer driver that operates as a virtual printer. PHP code files consist of formatted text that can be difficult to display correctly in documents such as Web pages. Converting a PHP file to a JPEG image file resolves the issue by capturing a picture of the formatted PHP code, so no formatting is required. Convert PHP files to JPEG format using an image file printer driver in Windows.


Click the Windows “Start” button and type “notepad” into the “Search” box. Press the “Enter” key.


Click the “File” menu and click “Open.” Navigate to the PHP file you want to convert.


Click once on the PHP file and click “Open.”


Click the “File” menu and then “Print.” Click the “ImagePrinter” icon and click “Print.”


Click the Windows “Start” button. Click “Pictures” and then double-click on the “ImagePrinter” directory.


Click the “Views” button arrow on the toolbar and click “Details.” Click the “Date Modified” column header.


Click Double-click on the file at the top of the list displayed to view the converted PHP JPEG file.

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