How to Convert .Pfx to .Ppk

By LaurenKrotosky

Pfx files are easily converted into Ppk files.
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A Pfx is a type of extension file. If you have a Pfx file saved on your computer, you may want to convert it to a Ppk file, which is another type of extension file. Converting the Pfx file to a Ppk is a quick and simple process, one you may want to consider if you're using software that is more compatible with Ppk files.

Step 1

Find the saved Pfx file on your computer. Right-click on the file and choose "Rename" from the window that opens.

Step 2

Delete the letters "Pfx" from the end of the file name. Type in the letters "Ppk" in place of "Pfx". Ensure there is a period before "Ppk".

Step 3

Click somewhere on the screen outside the file and it will automatically save. The Pfk file can then be used in applications like PuTTY, a system typically associated with software programs like the SSH, Telnet, rlogin and TCP protocols.