How to Convert .Pdf to .Tiff

by Oxana Fox

TIFF defines a standard image format denoted by file extensions ".tiff" or "tif." This format permits to store high-quality graphics. The Adobe portable document format, abbreviated as PDF, is broadly used for document and file exchange. Converting PDF files to images allows a user to conveniently insert the file data into another document or presentation, or edit file graphic elements. Adobe software provides a simple option to convert a PDF file into TIFF images.


Start the Adobe Acrobat program.


Press the key "Ctrl" "O" on the computer keyboard or use the Adobe program menu "File" and then "Open" to open the relevant PDF file.


Press the three key combination "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "S" to get to the Adobe "Save" window.


Select the "TIFF " format in the listbox "Save as type."


Click the button "Settings" and set the resolution for the TIFF image file, for instance 600 pixel/inch in the box "Resolution." Then click "OK."


Type any name for the TIFF image file in the field "File name" and click the button "Save."

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