How to Convert a PDF file to Word in Linux

By Jackson Lewis

Since Adobe's PDF format became an international standard in 2003, the ability to convert to and from the format has become significantly easier. A common task for computer users is to be able to convert a PDF format to various versions of MS Word in order to use the information for follow-on work. Google Docs is a freely available application that can import PDF files and permits you to save them in various formats, including MS Word. Google Docs requires you to have a valid Google Gmail account in order to use the service, but it has import and export capabilities not resident in MS Word and is available for use in web browsers on the Linux Operating System.

Step 1

Register for a Google account if you do not already have one, and then navigate your web browser to the Google Documents homepage (see the Resources section below for a direct link).

Step 2

Choose the "Upload" option on the Google Docs file menu.

Step 3

Select the PDF file to convert, using the Google Docs File Chooser visible on the screen.

Step 4

Save the document to MS Word format by selecting "Download File As -> Word" from the Google Documents menu, which is located underneath your web browser's file menu.

Step 5

Open the saved document in MS Word and select "File->Save As" from the file menu. Left-click the file-type menu at the bottom of the screen and choose "MS Word 2003" and select the "OK" button.