How to Convert a PDF to an eBook Format

by Joshua Laud

Before the commercialization of ebook readers, the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) was the preferred format for ebooks. Many ebook readers now require the standardized ebook or epublication (ePub) file format. This format grew in popularity when Apple developed support for the format with the launch of the iPad. If you want to convert your PDF to an ePub file so it will work correctly, as an ebook, on your ebook reader or iPad, then you can convert the PDF online using a variety of free converters.


Go online and navigate to ePub2Go. Select "Choose File," then locate and select your PDF. Select "Open," then click "Upload PDF." The free website will now convert your PDF into an ePub document, ready for use with ebook readers.


Navigate to is also a free website but it allows a little more customization for your converted file. Click "Choose File," then locate and select your PDF file for conversion. Choose your ebook reader from the drop-down menu and enter the "Title" and "Author." You can also add a "border," if you like. Click "Convert file" once you are done, wait for the conversion to take place and the download to begin.


Navigate to ePub Bud. This is a free website that allows you to share your ebooks once you have created them. Click "Choose File," then locate and select your PDF. Click "Open" and then wait for the ebook to be created and the download to begin. If you wish, you can set up an account with ePub Bud, and you can also share the download link with your friends.

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