How to Convert PDF to CHM

By Joshua Laud

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Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) is the de facto standard for document file types. Microsoft's Compiled HTML Help (CHM) file type succeeded the WinHelp file type as Microsoft's chosen format for distribution of help documentation. You cannot typically edit PDF files without Adobe Acrobat Professional, so there are reliable ways of transferring a document without the work of editing. While CHM files are well supported for reading, creation, and particularly conversion, is slightly harder. There are two ways you can convert a PDF into a CHM.

ABC Amber PDF Converter

Step 1

Download, install and open ABC Amber PDF Converter (see Resources).

Step 2

Click "Open" and locate the PDF file you wish to convert.

Step 3

Click "CHM" from the "Export" list.

Step 4

Click "Save As" to choose a export location and click "Save" to convert the PDF to CHM.


Step 1

Download, install and open PDF2CHM (see Resources).

Step 2

Locate your PDF you wish to convert on your hard drive.

Step 3

Click and drag the PDF into PDF2CHM for it to instantly convert it to a CHM document.