How to Convert PDF to AZW

by Art Corvelay

The AZW file format is a file that is compatible with the Kindle, an electronic device that allows users to read via an electronic format. The first-generation Kindle does not support the PDF file format. Therefore, it is important to be able to convert your PDF files to AZW files to read them on your Kindle.


Download and install Mobipocket Creator. Make sure that you have downloaded the full version. This is the only version that will have the PDF conversion option.


Select "Import From Existing File" and then choose "Adobe PDF."


Select the actual PDF file you would like to convert. You will be able to navigate your hard drive to select a file.


Choose your output file format. Make sure to select the AZW file format.


Click "Build," and your PDF will be built into an AZW file that will be compatible with your Kindle.

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