How to Convert Pdb to Xls

by Mark Pool

A Palm database, or PDB file, is used to store a variety of information on a Palm handheld device. The Palm Desktop program automatically synchronizes all the information on your Palm handheld or phone to your computer. The export function introduced in the fourth version supports exporting PDB files to several standard formats, including plain text, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel files, with an extension of XLS. You don't need to have Microsoft Office installed on the computer to export to the XLS format.


Click the "Start" menu, then click "All Programs" and move the mouse to the "Palm" folder, then click "Palm Desktop."


Select the file you want to export in the "Files" window.


Choose the "Export" option in the "File" menu.


Click the "Microsoft Excel" option, then click "Next."


Press the "Browse" button to select an export location. Select a folder in the window that opens, then click the "Open" button.


Click "Finish" to export the file.

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