How to Convert PDB Files to PDF Files

by Lisa Porter

The PDB file extension most commonly indicates Program Database files and Palm Desktop Database Files, both of which are data files. You can open PDB files with a limited number of programs. Convert PDB files to the more widely compatible PDF (Portable Document Format) file format to send the files to co-workers or friends. PDF files maintain their original formatting no matter what program a viewer opens them in. Many websites offer file conversion software that can convert data files into PDF files. You can purchase the software or download a limited free trial. Look at, or Follow the same basic steps to convert PDB files to PDF using software from any of these sites.


Download and install the file converter software. Open the program.


Click “Choose File” or “Add File” and browse your computer’s files for the PDB files you want to convert. In ImageConverter Plus, right-click the file you want to convert and then select “Convert To” and “Custom Conversion” to open the conversion options window.


Select “PDB” or “.pdb” in the “Input Format” menu if the program does not automatically detect the file’s format.


Select “PDF” or “Portable Document Format (.pdf)” in the “Output Format” or “Save Images In ... Format” drop-down menu.


Specify a location on your computer where output files should be saved if the program asks for one.


Click “Start” or “Convert” to begin converting the file.


  • check Make sure software is compatible with your operating system before you purchase or download it.

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