How to Convert PC Programs to Mac Programs

by Liam Rodom Abraham

Switching from a Windows computer to a Mac can provide many benefits. You may find it easier to use, more stable or safer from viruses. Your co-workers may use Macs, and it may be easier to work with them if you have one, too. Whatever the reason, once you switch, you may find that some of the programs you need to use aren't available for Mac OS X. Luckily, there is software that can help you use Windows programs on your Mac, without even rebooting.


Purchase and install "VMware Fusion." You can find it at, buy it online and download it.


Insert your Windows XP installation media.


Create a virtual machine. Do this by opening VMware Fusion, going to the "File" menu and choosing "New". In the opening screen of the new virtual machine wizard, choose Windows XP and "Install this operating system". Click "Next", and then enter your username, password and Windows XP product key. Click "Next," and choose "More Seamless" in the Integration screen of the wizard. Click "Finish."


Wait for VMware to install Windows on your virtual machine. This may take up to several hours, but usually finishes in less than one hour.


Open the virtual machine and boot it. Install your PC programs inside the virtual machine. You can now use your PC programs on your Mac. VMware Fusion will even let them share the desktop with your Mac programs.

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