How to Convert PAL to NTSC With Nero

By Theodora Pennypacker

Convert PAL to NTSC.
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The media stored on DVDs (and VHS tapes) can be formatted in one of two standards: NTSC and PAL. Commercial discs that are circulated through North and South America are commonly published in NTSC format (National Television Standards Committee). Meanwhile, DVDs that are distributed throughout Europe, Australia and Asia are formatted with the PAL standard (Phase Alternating Line). Since these two standards are engineered for different broadcast technologies, they do not share the same video settings. Although a PAL DVD cannot be read by a domestic DVD player, American residents can rip the media from the disc and convert it into NTSC format with Nero Recode. The conversion utility is included in the Nero Multimedia Suite, a popular line of DVD authoring products. The software's Nero Burning ROM program can also be used to publish the extracted video as an NTSC DVD.

Purchase, download and install the Nero Multimedia Suite. The software can be obtained directly from the developer. (See Resource 1)

Insert the PAL DVD into the computer's DVD-ROM drive.

Launch the Nero Recode application. Click on the "Recode DVDs and Videos to Nero Digital" link on the program welcome screen. Hit the "Import Files" button and access the "VIDEO_TS" folder of your PAL DVD. Select the folder and hit the "Add Title" button. Nero Recode will scan the contents of the disc.

Go to the "Video" tab and hit the "Settings" button. In the "Nero Digital Video Settings" programming screen, click on the "Framerate" tab and select the "Custom Framerate" option. Open the drop-down menu and choose "23.976." If your PAL-encoded video has progressive frames, then select "29.97."

Click on the "Resize" tab to scale the PAL-encoded video to NTSC resolution. Select the "Custom Resize" option and enter a width of 720 and a height of 480. Hit the "OK" button to close the "Nero Digital Video Settings" programming screen.

Open the "Profile Category" drop-down menu and select "Nero Digital." Open the "Profile" drop-down menu and select "Standard." To optimize the encoding process, open the "Encoding Method" drop-down menu and select "High quality (2-pass)." Hit the "Next" button.

Target a saving destination for the exported NTSC-encoded video file in the "Burn Settings" window. Hit the "Burn" button. When burning is finished, the NTSC-encoded video will be stored in the targeted saving destination.

Eject the PAL DVD and insert a blank DVD-R into the computer's DVD-ROM drive.

Launch the Nero Burning ROM application. Click the "Add Video Files" option and access your exported NTSC-encoded video in the file selection window. Double-click on the file name to submit it to the program. Hit the "Next" button.

Open the "Select a menu" field in the menu-editing screen. Choose a ready-made template or create a custom version by adding your own image to the background. Hit the "Edit Menu..." button to change the font and add text. Save the edits and hit the "Next" button.

Use the remote control module to preview the video on the NTSC DVD. When the simulation is over, hit the "Next" button.

Keep all of the default settings that appear on the burning screen. Hit the "Burn" button. When the disc has been authored, it will automatically be ejected from the DVD-ROM drive.