How to Convert an Open Office to a PDF

by Tiffany Garden

Open Office is an open source word processing software suite, similar to Microsoft Office. Open Office Writer is the word processor program in the suite, and it has a number of file types supported for your documents. If you need a cross-compatible or uneditable copy of your document, you can convert it to PDF using the built-in features of Open Office.


Start Open Office Writer." Click "File" and "Open." Navigate through the file explorer until you find the document you want to convert to PDF. Click "Open."


Click "File" and "Export as PDF." Open Office pops up a window that provides 5 tabs of options for your PDF file. Check and select the options needed on the PDF file. Examples of options include password protection, selecting a default page and only converting certain pages.


Click "Export." Name your PDF file, and choose the save location for it. Open Office makes a PDF copy of the document in the location you have chosen.

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