How to Convert Old VHS Movies to DVD

by Shelby Winchell

If you have old movies of you and your family on a VHS tape, you will want to convert them to DVD, especially if you want to watch them in the years to come. VHS tapes and players are becoming obsolete in the digital world, and have been replaced by the DVD. A DVD recorder can transfer the VHS video to a new format without having to pay a company or service to do it for you. DVD recorders and the supplies needed vary in price. All can be purchased at stores that sell electronics.


Connect the DVD recorder to the VCR. Plug one end of the S-video cable into the DVD recorder and the other end into the VCR. Both connections are made in the back of each unit.


Plug the red, white and yellow video and audio cables into the back of the DVD recorder where it says "out." Plug the other end of the cables into the back of the TV where it says "in."


Plug in the DVD recorder, and turn the power on.


Insert the VHS tape into the VCR deck and cue up the tape to the spot where you want to start copying onto DVD.


Press the "open" button on the DVD recorder and insert a blank DVD. This is the DVD that will be used to record whatever is on the VHS tape.


Press "record" on the DVD recorder.


Press "play" on the VHS deck. The DVD will record in real time so if the movie you are copying from VHS to DVD is a half hour long, it will take 30 minutes to record.


Press "stop" on both players when done recording.

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