How to Convert .Ofm to Word

by Matthew Weeks

Omniformat is a free conversion utility for Windows that allows you to dynamically convert between many common types of document, image, and video file formats, as well as manipulate the contents of files before conversion. By default, the program saves the contents of its canvas to an .OFM file format. As such, if you have an .OFM file, it is a simple matter to open it in its native software and convert it to a Microsoft Word document.

Open your .OFM file in Omniformat.

Specify a location on your local drive to which the converted file should be saved from the pull-down menu in the main toolbar.

Select the .DOC format from the format pull-down menu in the main toolbar.

Click on the "Convert" button in the main toolbar to convert your .OFM file to a Word document. It will be saved in the location you specified in Step 2.

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