How to Convert OBJ to BLEND

By Dennis Blake

Blender is free a 3D modeler and animator.
i John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The free and open source 3D animation and modeling software Blender uses the proprietary BLEND format to save the complex models, animations and other graphics created with the application. Most 3D modeling programs, however, use the simpler and more common OBJ file format to save models. If you are using Blender for a large and complex animation job, you might need to import 3D models made by other artists into your Blender master project. You may find that converting the OBJ files into BLEND makes your resources easier to handle.

Step 1

Open your OBJ file in Blender using the "Open" command on the "File" menu. Alternatively, use the "Import" command to add your OBJ file to an already existing BLEND project file.

Step 2

Modify and improve your object using Blender's modeling and animation tools. You can also add additional media to the project file. BLEND files support a wide array of options to spruce up your project beyond the simple 3D model provided by your original OBJ file. However, if necessary, you can ignore these features and create a BLEND file consisting of only the original OBJ data and nothing else.

Step 3

Save your project as a BLEND file. Use the "Save As" option from the "File" menu, if necessary. Your original OBJ file is now embedded in a Blender project file, along with any edits or additions you may have made with the Blender software.