How to Convert Numbers to a Date in Excel

by Stephanie Ellen

Microsoft Excel 2007 is a popular spreadsheet program that is filled with options to modify and display data. With this powerful tool, it's possible to display numbers as decimals, fractions, whole numbers and a wide variety of date styles. The menu to change decimal numbers to dates can be accessed through the "Data" tab, which controls how information is presented.


Highlight the cells you would like to convert to date format. Select the cells by left clicking and mousing over the cells.


Click the "Data" tab.


Select the "Text to Columns" button.


Click "Next" twice, bypassing the options for changing the delimited or fixed width values.


Select the "Date" radio button.


Choose the date format from the drop-down menu: MDY,DMY,YMD,MYD,DYM,YDM.


Click the Finish Button.


  • check It's easier to format cells before you enter the dates rather than try to modify dates afterward.

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