How to Convert MXV to AVI & DivX

by David Gray
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An .mxv file is a video file type associated with the Movie Edit Pro program. An .avi file is a common video file format, playable with many media player applications. The .avi file can be encoded in DIVX format, creating a .divx file, which is a high-quality video file type. A .mxv file can be converted to .divx or .avi using an appropriate software application.

Export as AVI

Step 1

Download, install and run Magix Movie Edit Pro (free trial, see Resources section), or open the program if it is already installed.

Step 2

Click the "Import File" button and navigate to the .mxv file you wish to convert.

Step 3

Choose the "Video as Avi" option from the "Export" submenu of the "File" menu.

Select your desired resolution, frame rate, export location and other options, then click "OK" to complete the conversion.

Convert AVI to DIVX

Step 1

Use OJOsoft Total Video Converter (free trial, see Resources section). This program can convert many video file types, including between .avi and .divx. You can also customize some video and audio options for the converted file.

Step 2

Use Avi2Divx (free trial, see Resources section). This program allows you to convert .avi video to .divx format while customizing the output video resolution.

Use Xilisoft Video Converter (free trial, see Resources section). This program allows you to specify the video and audio quality of the converted file as well as to split the completed file into smaller parts for easy upload or transport.


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